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Welcome to, a photo blog about the Florida lifestyle. Written by a Florida resident, this blog explores the world of the Sunshine State. From unique key lime recipes that celebrate Florida's culinary history to exclusive photos showing the state's natural beauty. We also review restaurants, and lifestyle content that details the essence of Florida living. Explore our adventures on a Carnival Cruise or a Royal Caribbean Cruise leaving from Florida to destinations like Cozumel, Key West, and Belize. Get tips and ideas for packing and taking a tropical cruise from one of the many cruise ports in Florida. In Florida, where the best of food, drinks, and lifestyle come together to show what life is like in the Sunshine State.

Whats the Difference Between a Balcony and an OceanView Room?
January 4th Content ID: 11177

In planning for a cruise vacation one of the things you will have to decide on early in your planning is the room type you will book. Choices include a luxury suite, a balcony room, a room with an ocean view, and the smaller interior room. The two ends of the room choice spectrum goes […]

Why People Love Going on a Cruise
December 28th Content ID: 11156

People who love cruising love it for different reasons. Here is our list of reasons people love to cruise.

Florida Snowman
October 11th Content ID: 6813

In Florida, where it rarely snows, you will have a hard time finding a REAL snowman – This is a Florida version of a snowman. Crafted out of rolled hay bails. Photo taken in the New Smyrna Beach area of Florida – December 2010

Top 5 Places to Visit in Key West Coming from a Cruise Ship
March 9th Content ID: 10998

Visit Key West’s Iconic Mallory Square: The Must-See Cruise Port Experience Visiting Mallory Square in Key West is a must-do and see when visiting Key West for the first time, or any time really.

Royal Caribbean Room #4538 Ocean View Connecting
January 4th Content ID: 10614

The Royal Caribbean, Brilliance of the Seas leaving from Tampa, Florida. The room #4538 has a connecting room.

Hand Decorated Ornaments at Disney’s Ye Old Christmas Shoppe
December 5th Content ID: 8429

At the Ye Old Christmas Shoppe inside the Magic Kingdom of Disney World you will often see women dressed up in old England attire while decorating Christmas ornaments. Not all of the ornaments inside the shop are hand decorated.

Taking a Cruise from Tampa to Cozumel
November 7th Content ID: 9610

Getting to the ship is easy, once you have parked in the parking garage across the street. Just a short walk and you are at the boarding dock for a Tampa cruise.

Carnival Babaloo 50th Anniversary Cake
June 1st Content ID: 10843

Fancy and sweet – photo taken during a cruise out of Tampa, heading to Cozumel Mexico. Nearly every cruise out of Tampa has Cozumel on the itinerary.

Cozumel Cruise from Tampa – Carnival Paradise U30-U34-U50
May 20th Content ID: 10825

What can you see from room U30 U34 and U50 range of room numbers on the Carnival Paradise.