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White Florida Beach Bird
January 7th Content ID: 912

This is a bird commonly seen on the beach in Florida. These photos were taken at Anna Maria Island on the beach. The Royal Tern is not exclusive to Florida. Other US states in which this bird can be seen: Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama. This is a beach bird. Features: Black […]

Alligator Alley – Southern Florida
January 7th Content ID: 892

This is the Everglades and Francis S. Taylor – Wildlife Management Area in Southern Florida. Commonly called Alligator Alley on 75, connecting Naples to Miami. This isn’t as scary as it would seem as there are fences all along both sides of the road. There are several areas open to the public for boating/fishing or […]

Florida Snowman
October 11th Content ID: 6813

In Florida, where it rarely snows, you will have a hard time finding a REAL snowman – This is a Florida version of a snowman. Crafted out of rolled hay bails. Photo taken in the New Smyrna Beach area of Florida – December 2010

Picking Green Florida Oranges
August 22nd Content ID: 6604

Green Florida Oranges – The Winter Florida Fruit While the growing and picking season takes place starting in October and runs through June, the green oranges are available in the winter and off-growing season. There are many places in Florida where you can Pick-Your-Own Oranges, but the green orange picking availability can vary in certain […]

Sago Palm
July 25th Content ID: 6538

This is a ‘low-to-the-ground’ palm tree plant. Not really considered a ‘tree’, but a common palm plant seen in florida. This is a close-up of the center of the Sago Palm

Pictures of a Short-billed Dowitcher
May 4th Content ID: 4226

Pictures of a group of Short-Billed Dowitcher birds. Photo taken May 2010 at Treasure Island – Gulf Coast Beach. These birds can be seen running up to the waves just as they roll back into the ocean, and then running back as soon as the next wave comes.

Welcome to Florida Signs
January 7th Content ID: 706

Pictured here is the Florida Welcome center located in Jennings, FL. This is the first thing you will see when coming from Georgia into Florida. The Welcome to Florida sign.Welcome to The Sunshine State! Florida Sign with Snow at the bottom of the page! Not the best photo of the Florida sign, but it was […]

Hand Decorated Ornaments at Disney’s Ye Old Christmas Shoppe
December 5th Content ID: 8429

At the Ye Old Christmas Shoppe inside the Magic Kingdom of Disney World you will often see women dressed up in old England attire while decorating Christmas ornaments. Not all of the ornaments inside the shop are hand decorated.

March 2009 Florida Blog Posts
November 18th Content ID: 10687

Dolphin Towel – at Walmart Sunday, March 1, 2009 This is a 5.25 ft towel. $13.00. Palm tree towels also available. St.Petersburg, FL US19 Walmart. Alligator Warning Sign at Sawgrass Lake Park Thursday, March 5, 2009 You have been warned. Do not feed the gators!!! Anna Maria Island Beach Photo See more of Anna Maria […]