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Rainforest Cafe Inside Animal Kingdom

Florida Location:

This is the popular Rainforest Cafe, inside the Animal Kingdom at Disney World in Florida.

The restaurant has all the typical Rainforest Cafe decor: the fish tanks, the amazon rainforest-like ceilings, the apes and elephants which activate every 30 minutes, and the large gift shop. The prices here are a bit higher than regular Rainforest Cafe’s. If you get a good server you will have a great experience. Note: the ‘tram’ for parking departs at 8:30pm, so be sure you finish your meal and get your check on time so you can catch the tram to your car. Est 1994

You can enter this restaurant without having to have a paid pass to the Animal Kingdom.

There is a 2nd non-park attending entrance.

The Vegetarian Burger is AMAZINGLY GOOD!

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Orlando Florida
Walt Disney World Resort