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Floridas Natural Orange Juice Factory

Florida Location:

The visitor center of Florida Natural is definitely a neat experience. The Cracker Barrel style visitor center called the Grove house offers free samples of their fresh juices such as orange juice, grapefruit juice and pink lemonade. The store has almost anything you can think of related to oranges, from cookies, popcorn, dishes, fruit candy and more. The staff was extremely pleasant and friendly. They have a film presentation that explains the company, the citrus groves, the owners of the land and how the how process of making juice happens. The film was very informative and educational. Highly recommended! They do not offer tours of the factory, but you can see how the juice is made in the shop they have across the street from the factory.

20160 US Highway 27
Lake Wales, Florida 33853-2425
800-237-7805 x4110

Not all orange juice factories allow personal tours. This factory does have a good shop with sections that show you how juice is processed, in a museum style presentation where you can watch videos and touch the equipment used in the factory. If you know of any factories that allow personal tours for guests, please let us know so we can list the factory on this page.