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Pictures of Green Florida Oranges

While seeing ripe oranges on the trees in November and December can be exciting to both visitors and residents, the green oranges are fun to see up-close as well. StoppingĀ  by an orange tree in the summertime is a great way to see nature at work in Florida. Most people have seen ready to eat oranges, but the green ones are a rare sight. This is because the green oranges are not ready to be picked, so the only place you can see them are on the trees in Florida. These can be hard to spot while driving by as they blend into the color of the tree, much like a lime.

The best time to see the green oranges are in the late summer months.

A green orange will actually be orange inside, but will not have the best orange taste until they are ripe. Visiting an orange grove in Florida is the best way to get the freshest oranges. Hancock Groves on the West Coast of Florida is a great little orange grove which sells oranges picked from their own trees.

Most residents in Florida who have an orange tree in their yards have them for decorative purposes.

Photographed in August on an orange tree in Winter Haven Florida. The harvest season for oranges is in November and December.

Close-up of a Green Orange