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Florida Movies

This is our list of movies filmed in Florida. The list contains movies entirely filmed in Florida, and movies where portions were filmed in the state of Florida.


Spring Breakers – Filmed in St. Petersburg, Florida
Spring Break –
Filmed in Ft. Lauderdale (1983)
Ruby in Paradise –
Filmed in Tampa, and Panama City
Lauderdale –
Parts filmed in Daytona Beach and Ft. Lauderdale
Ace Venture: Pet Detective
– Miami, Florida
Wild Things – Coconut Grove, Florida
Miami Vice (2006) – Parts of the movie filmed in Miami, Florida
Porky’s - (1981) – Miami, Florida
Doc Hollywood –
(1991) – Micanopy, Florida
Edward Scissorhands –
(1990) – Lakeland, Florida
Day of the Dead –
Parts of this movie filmed in Ft. Myers
Parenthood –
(1989) – Filmed in the Orlando area
Cop and a 1/2 –
Tampa Florida
Married to the Mob –
Parts filmed in Ft. Lauderdale, (and parts in NY)
The Waterboy –
(1998) – Daytona Beach area of Florida
Caddyshack –
(1980) – Plantation, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami Florida
Days of Thunder –
(1990) – Portions filmed in Daytona Beach, Florida
Flight of the Navigator –
(1986) – Portions filmed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Summer Rental –
(1985) – St. Petersburg, Florida
Cocoon -
(1985) – St. Petersburg, Florida
Lethal Weapon 3 –
(1992) – Clearwater, Florida
Follow That Dream –
1962 - Read more about this movie here

List of Movies and TV shows which SAY they are in Florida, but were not actually FILMED in Florida.

Golden Girls – TV – Entire show ‘takes place’ in Miami, Florida, but not actually filmed in Florida.
Fool’s Gold – (2008) – Movie dialogue says they are in Florida, but was filmed in Australia

Help us with this list – if you know of any other movies let us know!

Thanks to all who have helped create this list!

Parenthood (1989) was filmed in the Orlando area…

What about Key largo?

I’m looking for an old (1930-1960) movie or book, set in Florida about
a grandfather and a young girl and 2 younger sibling who are driving in Florida. They meet up
with a young man who helps them. Their car breaks down and they end up camping by
the roadside. They find out that the roadside belongs to the
government so they decide to homestead the property and make it their
home. Of course there’s romance between the girl and the boy.
It may have had Richard Crenna as the male lead, but I can’t find
anything about it. If you have heard of either the book or film
Please let me know the title.

Sandra, sounds a lot like “Follow That Dream” with Elvis.