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Pictures of Plants Seen in Florida – Includes SeaGrapes, Mangrove Trees and Palm Trees.

This is our section on the trees and lakes in Florida. The different kinds of palm trees, lakes and plants you can find in Florida.

The GloryBower Plant

An interesting plant you may see in nature parks in Florida is the Glorybower plant. The plant will have a red star with either a …

Acorn Tree in Florida

A trio of acorns on a tree in Florida. Photo taken on the Gulf Coast of Florida in January.

Photo of Three Acorns on a tree, …

Photo taken January 2011.

Shadow in the Shape of a ‘Monster’

Pictures of Green Florida Oranges

While seeing ripe oranges on the trees in November and December can be exciting to both visitors and residents, the green oranges are fun to …

This is a ‘low-to-the-ground’ palm tree plant. Not really considered a ‘tree’, but a common palm plant seen in florida.

This is a close-up of the …

Coconut Palm

This type of palm tree is easiest to spot when it has coconuts attached to the palm tree. A Coconut Palm tree always looks best …

Florida Seashells

This is our photo gallery of Florida seashells. All of these seashell photos have been taken from the Gulf Coast of Florida.
Beaches where these shell …

Seaweed Washed Up on the Beach

These are photos of seaweed which washed up on the shore in Florida. Pictures are from Indian Shores Beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida, …

Florida Sunsets

Sunset photos from the Gulf Coast of Florida

Florida Palm Trees

Photos of the different palm trees in Florida.

The Royal Palm Tree

The Sago Palm
Other common Florida palm trees:
The Queen Palm
The Sabal Palm Tree (Florida’s official …